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Early Learning Framework

We follow revised Early Learning Framework, https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/education/early-learning/teach/earlylearning/early_learning_framework.pdf;

  • Early Learning Framework Overview: Vision - respectfully living and learning together.

  • This framework carries the hope of inspiring and supporting the creation of rich, joyful, early childhood spaces where children, adults, ideas and materials come together, where knowledge is constructed about learning and living in ways that are local, inclusive, ethical, and democratic.

  • The revised Early Learning Framework is the culmination fo a collaborative process that included early childhood educators, primary teachers, academics, Indigenous organizations, Elders, government, and other professionals.

  • The Early Learning Framework is an invitation to re-envision early care and learning spaces, education systems, and society. It is intended to promote dialogue about understandings of childhood, knowledge, education, and learning. These dialogues are important as a means of challenging the dominance of child development theories formulated within the discipline of developmental psychology.